Oct 152011

Here’s a link to a list I created in  response to a request for apps that address reading comprehension skills for older elementary/middle school kids who have reading difficulties.

Siva, of Technology in (Spl) Education created an easily accessible version of a chart that I sent him.  Thanks, Siva!!

Be sure to check out his whole page, because he highlights lots of free apps, and has also organized apps by IEP goals/skills.

Here’s a few more apps that came out, or that I learned about, after I sent in the original chart.

Penelope the Purple Pirate explains fun facts about sea creatures and pirates after the story is over that could be the start of a research project.  There is also a list of suggested comprehension questions.

Nosy Crow recently released Cinderella, which can be used to address Common Core Standards such as comparing digital and hard copy versions of a text.

My Word Reader: Are Whales Smart or What? is similar to My Word Reader: Are Bees Smart or What? listed at the top of the list.

Book Creator isn’t a reading app, but an app for writing your own books.  This would be a fun way for older kids to create picture books for younger kids, or to write comic books for each other, or even to create research reports.

I think the key in using interactive book apps with older kids that are apparently intended for younger kids is to know what standards and goals you have in mind.  How you present the books to your children/students will make the difference in how receptive they are to reading the books.


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  1. [...] a wide range of book apps for working on reading comprehension skills.  As I said in this post on my blog, “I think the key in using interactive book apps with older kids, that are [...]

  2. Are the links still current? I can’t seem to open the list.


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