May 062012

Bleed, A Bad Guy

Age/Description: He is 48. He has no hair.  He is strong, with a raspy voice and a black eye. He wears a smock, a loose-fitting shirt, and has a dirty old bandage around his hand.  He never takes it off. He wears shades so no one can see his eye, but one lens is cracked due to Punch, when they were fighting over a corn dog.

Favorite Color: Maroon, dark as blood.

Claim to Fame: He kidnapped Princess Willow.


May 042012

Razor, Bad Guy

Age/Description: He is 30. He has black hair and is a hunchback. He is dangerous (his hands are razor blades!) and loves a good fight. He wears no gloves because of his claw-like hands. He wears a trenchcoat with the collar turned up to cover his mouth. He has a black fedora that covers his eyes. He’s kind of creepy.

Favorite Color: Gray, the color of razor blades.

Claim to Fame: He set the throne room on fire with his claws.

May 032012

Cobra, Bad Guy

Age/Description: He is only 21. He has a shaved head, is strong, and has a cobra tattoo on his face. He wears a jumpsuit so his body moves freely, but not something too tight.

Favorite Color: Midnight blue because he strikes at night.

Claim to Fame: He can squeeze the life out of things. He was raised by cobras.

May 022012

Punch, Bad Guy

Age/Description: He is 51 and has white and gray hair. He is bulky and strong and has a mechanical arm. His sleeves are ripped like he’s really strong. He wears jeans and steel-toed boots. He also wears suspenders to hold his pants up.

Favorite Color: White, because it reminds him of sheep when he tries to sleep.

Claim to Fame: He is the Evil Wizard’s muscle man.

May 012012

For such ‘little’ guy, he sure has a big impact on the story.   And I love snickerdoodles, too.

Royal Chef/Rat

Age/Description: He is 52. He has little whiskers with crumbs of cheese on them. He has a bad overbite, a twitchy nose, and wears fuzzy slippers.

Favorite Colors: Brown and white, duh!

Claim to Fame: He got fired by the king, turned into a rat by Pip, and saved the Spell Book from the Evil Wizard. King Mike hired him back to be the Royal Chef as a reward. He makes the best snickerdoodles!

Apr 302012

Matthew Schilling, the author of The Magic Quest, plans to donate 10% of the proceeds from the sales of his book to the Easter Seals Central California Autism Intervention Program.

Sign up here to be notified of the release of this exciting adventure for young readers.

Apr 282012

Meet another pivotal character in the soon-to-be-released book, The Magic Quest, by Matthew Schilling.

Mrs. Quiet, Librarian

Age/Description: She is very quiet. She likes to say that “A lady never tells her age.”

Favorite Color: Beige, because it is a quiet color.

Claim to Fame: She helps Otto figure out what happened to the spell book once it got on the library shelves.


Apr 272012

Mr. Crowly/Crow, an opportunist

Check out another character from The Magic Quest, by Matthew Schilling.  Coming Soon!!

Age/Description: He was the Evil Wizard’s tailor until he made a mistake on a black cape, and the Evil Wizard turned him into a crow.

Favorite Color: Black

Claim to Fame: He snatches the spell picture from Otto’s hands.  He will work with whoever it seems can benefit him, be they good or evil.

Feb 032012

The Wonderful World of Apps was created using Prezi.  I showed it to the middle school teachers at Century Community Charter School in Inglewood last Friday.  Watch for my free eBook about apps for middle school teachers and kids.  Coming soon with a subscription to my blog.

*The video under Self-Help Skills was my  little nod to all the teachers at CCCS who have toddlers.

**Special Thanks to Waterfield Designs, Securita PortaVault, Diane Owens (author of Swept Up), Joan Brennan (Reading Focus Cards), Lady Myers Wordsmithing, Pat Mortazzavi (Sissy’s Sweet Treats Toffee), Pocket SLP, Sprout Labs, 3D Literacy, Alligator Apps, iHomeEducator, Mobile Education, Spinlight Studios, Red Jumper, Nessy, SoSH, Wrinkled Pants Software, Storyist, Game Collage, Nosy Crow, iLuvDrawing, Kidoodle, DoReMi, iLearn Solar System HD, and Vito Technology for donating products and apps for the teachers at Century Community Charter School. Everything was oohed and aahed over and very much appreciated!!

Jan 262012


‎”Now what are we going to do?” shouted Riley, the queen’s servant. A puff of purple smoke spread out across the cavernous throne room, obscuring the gold and silver banners that lined the walls. Riley glanced at the queen as she tore her way through the purple smoke and disappeared.”
~~~from The Magic Quest by Matthew Schilling with Nancy Barth
A first short novel by Matthew, age 21, an avid reader who just happens to be autistic. Coming soon as an eBook available at
Dec 192011

My grandson, age 3,  is right in the middle of the target audience for Nosy Crow’s newest app, Bizzy Bear on the Farm*.  And let me tell you, they know their audience!!  He was enthralled from the minute we started reading the book. The charming illustrations, engaging dialogue, cool sound effects, and fun activities on each page are just right for the 2-4 age group. My grandson especially liked ‘driving’ the tractor over hill and dale to the barn, and ‘riding’ the horse along the trail. And after ‘picking’ the apples off the tree, he wanted to go pick some apples himself.  My personal favorite was helping Bizzy Bear corral the hopping sheep.  And my darling grandson just loved to open the gate and let them all out again!

If you want more of Bizzy Bear, check out the original board books here.

Bizzy Bear on the Farm is available in the iTunes store for $3.99.

*disclaimer: I received a copy from the developer in order to review the app.