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Nancy hails from the mid-west but after earning her master’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis she decided sunny California might be a nice change from all the snow and ice. She first moved to Southern California, where she taught at a small private school for Deaf children and in kindergarten at a Catholic school in downtown LA.

Eventually, the traffic became too much and Nancy and her husband moved to Fresno, where her parents had relocated.A subbing position with Fresno Unified led to to her first full-time job as an elementary teacher of hearing children with communication delays.

A few years and two small children later, Nancy opted to open a small pre-school in her home which she ran for three years. Her use of an APPLE IIe with her students resulted in a feature article in the local paper, a short article in Woman’s Day magazine, and a spot on the local news. A short return to teaching in Fresno Unified was followed by a joint venture pre-school with a colleague. This collaboration also led to the publication of two children’s holiday books.

After adopting two more children and moving next door to her now-widowed mother, Nancy again opened a pre-school in her home. As her children grew, she returned to teaching for Fresno Unified until a series of events took her back to Orange County, where she received two classroom mini-grants from the Tustin Public Schools Foundation and was twice nominated for teacher of the year.

In 2009, Nancy retired to Fresno with her two youngest daughters and first grandson, who was a year old (his antics and developing language skills are a constant source of delight, as you will see in the blog). Never one to rest on her laurels, she returned to the world of self-employment and created Barth Educational Consultants. Through this business, she uses her training in Handwriting Without Tears and her expertise in teaching children with special needs, in particular those with dyslexia and autism.  In addition, Nancy reads manuscripts for new and established authors, advises home-schooling parents on curriculum, and consults with clinics and charter schools.

Nancy possesses California Credentials in Life Standard Elementary and Restricted Deaf/Hard of Hearing as well as CLAD, Resource Specialist, and Level 1 Handwriting Without Tears Specialist certificates. She recently became a certified Orton-Gillingham instructor.

Her educational experience includes:

  • Pre-K–12 Special Education as a Resource Specialist, Teacher of the Deaf, Special Day Class Teacher and more.
  • Certified Dyslexia tutor through Orton-Gillingham Online Academy
  • English Language Development
  • Individual assessment
  • Instruction in printing and cursive
  • Remediation for all ages
  • Private Tutor
  • Charter School Special Education Consultant
  • Certificated Reading Tutor
  • Speech/Language Specialist
  • Inclusion Specialist
  • Play Group/Autistic Students
  • Special Education Pre-School Assessment Team
  • Home-Hospital Instruction

Other Professional Experience

  • First Reader Panelist for a debut novel
  • Transcribing interviews for an author
  • Reviewing, revising, and editing personal correspondence and professional papers for a college professor
  • Reviewing, revising, and editing papers for graduate students
  • State of California Range-finding Panelist for the Written Test, grades 4 & 7
  • Reviewer for In Defense of Our Children and Smart Answers to Tough Questions by Dr. Elaine Garan

Publications and Presentations

  • Author: “Sam” in Down Syndrome Association of New South Wales Newsletter
  • Author: “The Peanut Butter and Jelly Primer: A Kid’s Guide to Computers” in Gifted Child Today
  • Co-Author: On Halloween Night and But Will You Be My Valentine
  • Contributor:  in Inclusive Teaching by Peterson and Hittie
  • Presenter: Education classes at Fresno Pacific University & University of California, Irvine on Inclusion