Coffee or Tea? You and Me! Let’s Chat…Janna Brenhaug of Spelling Success!

I use the Barton Reading & Spelling System in my reading tutoring.  I found a link to Janna’s games on the Barton site.  I now own all the games and use them regularly in my tutoring.  They are laminated and printed on high quality cardstock, with wonderful pictures.  They correlate extremely well with the Barton System, but can be used separately also.  Janna provides excellent directions for using the card decks in several different ways.

Here’s what Janna has to say about her games.

Janna: I have developed several games to help reinforce the lessons taught in the Barton Reading & Spelling System.  I currently have 5 games available.

Sound Game

Unit Game

Suffix Game

Prefix Game

Level 3 Spelling Rules Game

Level 4 Spelling Rules Game will be available in May 2013 

The game card packs feature bright, colorful, and engaging pictures.  Students of all ages enjoy playing the games.  To see a demo video of the games, go to

Janna Brenhaug, Owner of Spelling Success


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