Daily Reading DOES have a Positive Impact

My mom used to read to my kids every day when she was taking care of them while I worked.  I remember that with my second daughter, Mom had a stack of twenty picture books that she read to her at least three times a day.  All four of my kids are readers today.  My nephew had some difficulty with reading and his mother read aloud to him well into middle school.  He graduated from UC Berkeley and Georgetown Law.  This article is a reminder to me to read even more than I do with my four-year-old grandson.

Here is a chart from the article showing the impact different amounts of reading can have on exposure to new vocabulary.

More than the growth in fluency that being read to can have, and more than the growth in vocabulary that daily reading can have, the biggest impact, in my mind, is the enjoyment of reading, the exposure to so many different ideas, and an understanding of how we are all connected by our experiences.


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