Dig Up the Letters! Match the Sounds!

I love The Measured Mom!  She has such terrific ideas and beautiful free printables. Check out this post she wrote recently about matching letters to beginning sound pictures.  Dig Up the Letters

I bought the letter tiles she mentioned in her post, and they are very nice. I also found some colored rice on Amazon.  Karma Keepers Rainbow Colored Rice

Measured Mom Dig up the Letters
Dig Up the Letters Printable from The Measure Mom.
Karma Keepers Colored Rice with Hidden Lettes
Karma Keepers Colored Rice with Hidden Letters

I can’t wait to try this with my 2 1/2 year-old grandson when he returns from his little jaunt to England with his parents. My 7 year-old grandson loved matching the letters to the pictures and burying them in the rice for his cousin.

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