Nancy is a certified Orton-Gillingham instructor.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a genetic learning disability that affects about 20% of the population. It typically affects a person’s reading ability, but may also affect the person’s spelling and writing. Dyslexia varies in degree from mild to severe.  In mild cases a person may not read or spell as well as his or her peers, while in severe cases a person may read, write and spell well below his or her peers.  Dyslexia is NOT related to intelligence. In fact, most dyslexic people are average or above average in intelligence.

Common Indicators of Dyslexia

If a person has 3 or more of the following indicators, it is possible he or she may have dyslexia.  Encourage this person to learn more about dyslexia.


•delayed speech
•mixes up sounds or syllables in long words
•frequent ear infections
•confuses left and right
•difficulty learning to tie shoes
•trouble memorizing address, phone number, or the alphabet
•trouble creating rhymes
•a relative with dyslexia

Elementary School

•difficulty with handwriting (unable to stay on the lines, hard to read, etc.)
•letter or number reversals past first grade
•difficulty learning cursive
•slow or choppy reading
•difficulty with spelling
•trouble remembering sight words or homonyms
•trouble telling time on an analog clock
•trouble remembering math facts
•difficulty finding the correct word to say
•very messy bedroom, backpack, or desk
•dislikes going to school

High School -all of the above as well as:

•small vocabulary
•poor written expression
•big difference between verbal skills and written skills
•difficulty learning a foreign language
•trouble reading printed music
•poor grades
•may want to drop out of high school

Adults-schooling similar to above

•slow reader or may need to read something 2 or 3 times to
understand it
•difficulty spelling
•trouble putting thoughts into writing
•still struggles with left versus right
•gets lost even in familiar places
•may confuse b and d, especially when tired, sick or under stress

Reprinted with permission from Susan Barton, Founder of Bright Solutions for Dyslexia. More information is available on the Bright Solutions website.


Tutoring for Dyslexia

Individual lessons

$35.00 per hour in my home

Minimum of two lessons per week for necessary progress