iPad Apps: Swapsies and Tally Tots


I’ve written before about my grandson’s fascination with my iPad.  Through Squidalicious, I found Moms With Apps.  On Fridays, their members offer apps for no charge or low cost.

The apps I’ve checked out most recently are Swapsies and Tally Tots from Spinlight.

My grandson had Swapsies figured out before I did. All it takes is a swipe to change the hat, shirt, or pants to create a doctor, or a builder, among other occupations.  The child can even create an astro-doc-fireman if he or she desires!  Currently, the character is a boy, but the developer is working on adding a girl to the game.

Here is the two-year-old’s review of Swapsies, which involved much enthusiasm and interaction with me:

What is it? Where’d it go? There it is! (the astronaut).  He’s like Bob the Builder! What’s that noise (he found the button that will make a sound to go with each occupation)? Do THAT one (pointed at the doctor on the menu)!

Tally Tots is the best counting app I’ve found so far.  It’s simple, colorful, and the sound is clear.  My grandson has been able to count past 20 for quite some time, and now he is learning one-to-one correspondences as he counts cupcakes, race cars, apples, and more.  There is ONE problem with this app: we both always want a cupcake after counting to 14!!

I look forward to more apps from Spinlight!

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