Online Teaching: Virtual Prof Leslie Bowman

Leslie was one of my inspirations for trying online tutoring.  She teaches for a variety of colleges that have online classes.  As it says on her blog, Teach Online:

Leslie Bowman is a full time online professor specializing in course design, development and instruction in the following fields/subject areas:

  • English Comp
  • Developmental English
  • Professional Writing
  • Developmental Writing
  • Personal and Professional Communications
  • Educational Technology
  • Online Teaching
  • Criminal Justice.

Leslie graciously allowed me to write a guest post, Effective Online Tutoring, which describes the process I’m currently using with one of my tutoring clients who is in another state.


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  1. Apparently Ms. Bowman has discontinued her blog as of January, 2014. If I find any further contact information, I’ll post it. Be sure to check out her books about online teaching and learning on Amazon. They are great!

    Here is her author’s profile on Amazon.


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