Operation Math: Code Squad

Spinlight Studios has done it again!  Operation Math: Code Squad brings the fun and intensity of Operation Math to the group-playing format.

Up to four players at a time can participate in spy missions together.  The game has a total of 21 missions across three skill levels and all four math operations.  Solve the missions together to defeat Dr. Odd. If one player makes too many errors, their keyboard is turned off until the rest of the team reaches the next level. I like this feature because it encourages accuracy, but doesn’t lock you out completely from the rest of the game.

Operation Math: Code Squad will help fine-tune the rapid-fire practice of math facts. The sound track is wonderfully appealing with its British-accented narrator and spy mission music.

The original Operation Math is one of THE best apps for practicing math facts I’ve seen. Code Squad just quadruples the fun!

Operation Math: Code Squad is available in the iTunes store for $1.99.  Try it, you’ll love it!!

iPad Screenshot 3

*I received a complimentary copy of this app for purposes of this review.

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