Picture Prompt Timer

Picture Prompt Timer is a simple, but highly useful, app from Look to Learn.  It follows an “If-then” format, which is really helpful for kids who have a difficult time understanding the concept of completing one activity before beginning another.

It’s very simple to set up, with a variety of options which can be used individually, two or three at a time, or all together.

The instructions are intuitive, even for someone like me who loves have everything spelled out in detail.

Here’s a description of the app from the developer:

The same group that brought you Look2Learn, Stories2Learn, and Video Scheduler, brings you an innovative visual support for individuals with autism and other disabilities! The Picture Prompt Timer (PPT) allows you to display two photographs in a first/then format (First you do this, then you get this) with a corresponding bar that shows the individual how much time is left on task.

While such a visual tool is helpful, the PPT adds a new dimension – an auditory prompt that allows you to customize a message that will play at intervals you set up! For example, if you want Johnny to stay on task and he needs to be reminded every 30 seconds, just simply set up an audio reminder and tell it how frequently to play. The end result is Johnny has a constant reminder of what he needs to do.

With the Picture Prompt Timer you are able to add your own photos and auditory reminder. In addition, you are able to add customized feedback at the completion of the task. This can be effective when wanting to reinforce the individual or have them go on to another task.

I like the simplicity of this app, the way reminders can be built in, and the ability to show two pictures.  It is a great tool for helping a student develop the ability to stay on task without the adult having to be in the immediate area.  You can use your own pictures, pictures from Boardmaker, or images from the internet to customize the timer.  

I would love to have the option to save prompts for ease of use, especially in a classroom setting, where time is limited for preparing materials.

Picture Prompt Timer is currently $3.99 in the iTunes store, and a version for the iPad Mini is in the works.

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