Smarty Ears iPractice Verbs

Smarty Ears was founded by a speech therapist, Barbara Fernandes, to create language and articulation apps for children with speech and/or language delays.  Having a wide selection of pictures on your iPhone or iPad is so much easier than lugging a stack of flashcards around!

iPractice Verbs is designed so the student can practice verbs in the present, present progressive, or past tense. Flashcard is designed for learning and Find It is a game for practicing new verbs and/or reviewing previous ones. Both games can be used to address receptive and/or expressive language goals.

Before starting a Flashcard session, the therapist can select from over 120 verbs, using as few or as many as necessary for the student.  The icons at the bottom of the page allow instant customizing for verb tense at the word, phrase, or sentence level.

After using the Flashcard option to learn the verbs, the student can play Find It.  Like Flashcard, Find It can also be customized for the number of words, the verb tense, and the word, phrase, or sentence level.  Four images appear on the page at the same time, and after listening to the recording, the student touches the picture that matches what was said.  There are positive comments for correct choices.

If the child makes an incorrect choice, there is another opportunity to choose a card after listening to the recording again. In addition, the number of images to choose from is reduced in order to increase the opportunity for success.

iPractice Verbs is an easy and intuitive app that can be used in schools and at home. The images clearly depict each verb, and the audio is easy to understand, with alternating male and female voices.  I especially like seeing people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds in the photos.

I would suggest two possible changes in any future upgrades.  I’d find a way to make the introduction by the duck easier to understand, or give an option to hear a human voice.  The other would be to change the second level to ‘simple sentences’ or to use phrases only.

Being able to use enjoyable games to practice skills that need lots of repetition helps keep the kids motivated!

iPractice Verbs can be purchased on iTunes for $10.99. It is also available as an android app for $9.99.

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